Building and Developing the Quantum Communication, Intelligent Security Systems and Risk Management (Quasar) Competence Center Quantum Communication is a rapidly evolving avant-garde area with a guaranteed future providing unconditional security when transmitting information to be copied or eavesdropping, and the authenticity of the two communicating countries is guaranteed by the laws of quantum physics. Intelligent security systems encompass a variety of sensors and sensor systems, analysis and decision-making platforms, protection and prevention configurations, response systems, recovery and re-engineering, analysis of new and emerging threats and challenges, artificial intelligence systems, and social problems and others.

These systems will be used to ensure autonomy of operation, minimize the impact of environmental factors and work environments on the technical characteristics of modules, self-control capability and indication of component parameter violations, wireless data transfer, and cybersecurity processes, element mobility and compatibility with the functioning national and European security systems. Risk management is necessary to ensure the security of elements of critical infrastructure in the urban / industrial / transport environment, in the marine environment and in the air, and can be used to build a critical security infrastructure management system at national, regional and elemental level, and for effective management (risk) management as a process.

Quantum communication and information encryption, intelligent security systems and risk management in critical infrastructure are united by both complementary innovative research and technology fields in these areas, and by the need for highly reliable sensors, components, elements and methods, ensuring their efficient operation. The creation of multi-sensor technologies based on new principles, as well as the development of innovative sensory systems for the prediction of catastrophic phenomena through nanoparticle emission is envisaged.